Professional Services


Soltek has been at the forefront of utilizing Building Information Model (BIM) as part of the IPD process to help implement the spatial representation of a building’s design. BIM has played a valuable role in Soltek’s IPD process by enhancing communication between parties in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. Using BIM, digital images are created to precisely depict nearly every aspect of the construction project and to simulate real-world performance and operation of a facility. These digital images allow every discipline to be informed and aware of the others, minimizing conflicts and change orders.

Soltek employs licensed in-house architects, project engineers, project managers, and field superintendents who are all well versed in Revit and NaviWorks. Soltek’s in house BIM team has the ability to work at all levels of design and construction. Our process allows for full integration with our Designers, Estimators, Project Managers, Subcontractors and field Superintendents to attain the full benefit of the program’s capabilities.