Recognizing Two Long-Term Soltek Employees

I would like to recognize two long term Soltek employees who work diligently and smartly behind the scenes as key players in the overall success of the company. Their willingness to tackle the difficult tasks with a “can do” and positive attitude is remarkable and their dedication is second to none.

Kelly Duff has been at Soltek since 1989 when she started out as a field secretary at a Project site at the Naval Oceans Systems Center. She started working at a jobsite with a truly remarkable ocean view and now years later look what she has for an office view…

Kelly has advanced her career through the years working with almost all our current Project Managers and Superintendents in the San Diego area. She has worked with the Field Operation and Safety Depart-ments; Design Build, Design Bid Build and with a Vice President. Addi-tionally, she is the one person at Soltek, who for the past 15 years has been our liaison and active participant in the one non-profit that Soltek has been consistently affiliated with over the years.

Isabell Martinez has been an employee with Soltek for 21 years when she started part time. Her willingness to take on some of the least pleasant tasks and maintain a genuinely positive attitude is simply amazing. She has to interact with all the Type A construction types at Soltek (and I mean all!) and delivers for all.

Additionally, she volunteers every time we need a challenging task to be done- Whether it is to provide mentoring or to dig through reams of paperwork to find something or to manage new programs at Soltek.

Kelly and Isabell- Thanks for all that you ladies do for us at Soltek!! We would not have accomplished what we have if you were not part of our team. My sincere gratitude to the both of you for your years of outstanding service!!!