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Soltek Pacific is recognized as one of the largest building contractors in California and is a leading force that is dedicated to a collaborative building process, along with a commitment to quality which has brought on numerous diverse clients. Soltek has led a broad range of projects including educational facilities, historic structures, industrial complexes, retail, healthcare, and correctional facilities

The Birth of  "Soltek"

The name "Soltek" stems from the fusion of "Technical Solutions," a phrase that represents how our founders united their individual strengths and experiences to complement one another in order to form a dynamic company that is capable of finding solutions to complex construction projects.

From Scratch to Soltek

Soltek's early days involved bidding on small residential projects, a beginning that evolved into the revitalization of public spaces, including the renovation of apartment buildings in partnership with American Property Services. After gaining experience in the construction field, Steve, John, and Larry decided to take on their own project in Old Town. From there, Soltek gained momentum with transformative feats like renovating San Diego Airport's Terminal 1, constructing a science lab at San Diego State University, and undertaking various ADA upgrade initiatives. Since then, Soltek has successfully delivered over 1100 projects, encompassing a wide span of endeavors Including  hundreds of school projects spanning the state of California, dozens of Historical renovations including our recent award winning work on the California Tower in Balboa Park, and a multitude of military and public works initiatives.

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Our STory
Rooted in Congress Street

In 1981, Soltek found its home on 2424 Congress Street, a location that remains our home to this day. What began as a modest team of 10-20 individuals has since evolved into a dynamic organization with over 250 dedicated employees spread across two California offices.

Local Commitment for 50 Years

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Soltek stands proudly as one of the few local construction companies still around. Our portfolio comprises collaborations with K-14 schools, military initiatives, historic renovations, public works projects, and so much more.

Community-Centric Evolution

Originating as an entrepreneurial idea among friends, Soltek has evolved into a community-centric construction powerhouse, focusing on partnering with other local businesses to improve and economically boost our local communities and businesses.

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It’s an exciting time in the construction industry

January 16, 2024
Employee Highlight - Kim Kanie

Kim Kanie the first female journeyman in San Diego, a member of the Soltek team, and a woman in construction.

January 8, 2024
Soltek & Partners Raise $100K for China Lake Museum

Soltek bands together with fellow industry professionals to spearhead donation drive for China Lake Museum

December 15, 2023
Employee Highlight - Kevin Cammall

Soltek Employee Highlights - Kevin Cammall, 37 Years at Soltek

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