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Employee Highlight - Kim Kanie

Employee Highlight - Kim Kanie
"I was working in retail, and one day, my dad was like "Hey, do you wanna do fire sprinklers?" and my response was "I am not working in the office."

At Soltek, we take pride in our diverse and talented team. Today, we shine the spotlight on Kim Kanie, the first female journeyman in San Diego, a member of the Soltek team, and a woman in construction.

Kim's entry into the construction industry wasn't conventional. Formerly in retail, her father's suggestion to work with him installing fire sprinklers marked the start of her construction career. "I am not working in the office," was her initial response. However, she decided to take on the challenge, starting in the shop and learning material and fabrication. After shadowing her father in the field and undertaking various responsibilities, including conducting fire sprinkler inspections for Western Fire Protection, Kim accumulated 12 years of experience installing fire sprinklers.

The First Female Journeyman in San Diego

During her  time installing fire sprinklers, Kim also  achieved a significant milestone completing a 5-year apprenticeship, becoming the first female journeyman in San Diego and the third in California. She also served as the San Diego representative for her apprenticeship program.

A Shift in Focus

After 12 years and two shoulder injuries, Kim needed something that would be less physically demanding. This shift in focus  led her to the Soltek team, where she now works as an Estimating coordinator at the San Diego home office. From being hesitant to an office job all those years ago Kim now states that, "My favorite part of my job is the people I get to work with; we all get along so well."

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