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Soltek & Partners Raise $100K for China Lake Museum

Soltek & Partners Raise $100K for China Lake Museum

​​Soltek's Central California office, in collaboration with fellow General Contractor firms and Subcontractors, recently led a donation drive to raise funds for the local China Lake Museum. The donation drive, initiated in early 2023 and concluding in April of the same year, generated an impressive sum of over $100,000.

The Ridgecrest-based museum, which narrates the story of the China Lake NAWS base, faced an incomplete status when their museum project, involving the expansion of an additional building, ran out of funding. Instead of directly engaging in the construction process, Soltek's Ron Hicks proposed a fundraising approach. The suggestion was to raise money for the museum, allowing them to utilize local contractors to finish the project.

Pictured: Soltek's Treg Duerksen and representatives of the China Lake Museum.

Soltek's Ron Hicks emphasized the shared commitment among industry professionals to the cause. "Soltek was very fortunate to be awarded 3 of 17 contracts for the $3.2 billion earthquake recovery effort at China Lake. The history and legacy of China Lake needs to be preserved, and most of the contract actors I spoke with agreed," stated Hicks. "Soltek and its partners and peers are part of this history now."Soltek, along with industry professionals, mobilized their efforts and successfully raised over $100,000. This financial support ensures the completion of the new building at the museum, marking a significant achievement in preserving China Lake's history.

Indeed, it was this spirit of collaboration and mutual support that fueled the success of the fundraising campaign. While Soltek played a central role in coordinating the initiative, it was the combined efforts of all involved that ultimately made the difference.

"As a construction industry leader, Soltek is fulfilling its mission of leading the industry by playing a small role in helping the museum foundation preserve this legacy by completing this project" - Ron Hicks.
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