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Southwest High School Phase One

Southwest High School Phase One

Project Description

The Southwest High School project was a takeover by Soltek, who stepped in as the General Contractor to complete construction after replacing the previous contractor. The project entailed finishing a new 43,500 square foot, two-story classroom building, two lunch shelters, and new landscaping, all while aiming for LEED certification.

The building's design incorporates typical structural steel members and metal stud framing, which is covered with metal backed sheer wall gypsum board and finished with a combination of acrylic stucco and corrugated steel siding. It houses 22 new classrooms, a state-of-the-art TV production studio, a campus ASB store, and an after-school program. The interior features include wall-to-wall cabinets, vinyl-wrapped tack panels, and architecturally designed oversized hollow metal door and window frames filled with large sections of fixed glass and operable steel awning windows. These features allow abundant natural light and ventilation into each classroom. Additionally, the construction of this new building facilitated the removal of 18 outdated portable classroom units, enhancing the overall campus environment.

Project Location: San Diego, CA
Delivery Method: CM at-Risk
Owner: Sweetwater Union High School District
Value: $4,359,158
Square Footage: 43,500 sq.ft
Key Features: K-14, Preconstruction Services, Whole Site Modernization, New Construction, Active Occupied Educational Campus, DSA Experience, Phasing/ Sequencing
Market: K-12
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