Soltek’s commitment to safety is fundamental to our Safety Program, as demonstrated by Soltek not only having a Safety Department but also a designated Safety Team. The prevalence of safety in our company’s culture is the highest it has ever been. Our success is based on the genuine concern for others and Soltek looks forward to building and implementing an even safer construction environment for the future. A top down approach is critical to the success of our program. Our Board of Directors sets the tone for how our safety culture is perceived in the field and our Supervisors understand that you must lead by setting the example.

Safety is a value. We have come to understand that only through knowledge, empowerment and a true commitment to the health and safety of our employees can safety excellence be achieved. Safety is not just something we say, but something we do. Our project teams have been given the resources and support to effectively create and manage a strong safety culture throughout our organization. Our team is always available to teach and mentor our employees and subcontractors in any way needed to promote a positive safety culture at all times.

We believe and live our company motto “Zero is Achievable, Every Task, the Safe Way, Every Time” from start to finish.

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