San Diego Zoo Panda Shop Completed

After successfully completing the San Diego Zoo’s new Sandwich Company Shop, Soltek and the architectural firm of rktequ teamed once again on the San Diego Zoo’s Panda Shop retail project. Soltek broke ground on the Panda Shop in January of this year. The work began with demolishing the existing space and associated preparatory sitework. Construction of the new shop was completed on April 20, 2012. The 1500 square foot shop is a pre-fabricated steel structure with an open floor plan concept, metal stud infill walls, exposed ceilings, custom corrugated metal siding and metal roof. The shop includes Asian-themed specialty woodwork throughout, a raised center atrium section and high-end light fixtures.

The surrounding site has been completely transformed with custom rock salt finished concrete, new seating areas with tables, chairs, and umbrellas, new cast in place concrete planters and site walls.

The entire construction effort was performed with the utmost considerations for the Giant Pandas that reside in the exhibit adjacent to where the new shop was built. Soltek erected a special 14 foot high sound divider wall to mitigate construction noise levels. The job site endured a thirty minute shutdown to allow hearing tests to be conducted on the Giant Pandas. Zoo visitors are now enjoying the new Panda Shop area as a tranquil place to appreciate the gentle creatures.