Soltek Completes Lemoore BOQ’s Repairs Project

On September 11, 2013, Soltek completed the Lemoore BOQ’s Repairs Project which consisted of two Bachelor Officer Quarters and two Senior Enlisted Quarters for the Lemoore Naval Air Station. This was a Design-Build project that started from the concept provided in the RFP and continued through turn-over of the keys to the government building manager.

Soltek was tasked with abatement, structural demolition, soft demolition and reconstruction of four existing buildings that were all unique in their design and construction. Building 804 (14,820 sq/ft) was a masonry structure with concrete floors. Building 801 (19,884 sq/ft) consisted of structural concrete columns and floor with a raised wood floor on the first floor. The last two buildings 908 and 909 (8,746 sq/ft each) were old wood framed structures that were originally debated to be demolished rather than rehabbed.

As we all know, the finished product is only an outcome of the hard work that goes into the design and construction of the facilities. This is a true example of that. During demolition it was discovered that the 50 year old raised wood first floor of building 801 was almost completely rotted and needed to be replaced. This was outside the scope of the RFP and the budget. The redesign and construction of a completely different floor system was delayed over 6 months due to funding. This led to a challenge in finishing the building without a first floor. Soltek was able to reschedule the entire project to accommodate the delays in funding and mitigate the time and cost impacts of the unforeseen condition. Through hard work and scheduling, the project was completed successfully with and Outstanding Evaluation.