Soltek is committed to protecting the environment and creating a culture of sustainability that is rooted in the idea that we can make a difference. The built environment accounts for a significant portion of the world’s energy consumption as well as pollution and at Soltek we believe that we have a tremendous opportunity to reduce waste and improve overall energy efficiency.

At Soltek sustainability is not just the latest buzzword but a blueprint for how we conduct our business. We focus on the small, such as using recycled paper at our office, to the large, such as using recycled, reclaimed, and locally sourced materials on our projects. We are constantly looking for ways to improve how we operate and how a building performs by analyzing such things as life cycle costs and passive solar design. These efforts help create less pollution and overall happy, healthy environments.

Soltek is committed to working with owners to achieve and exceed all their sustainability goals while at the same time conducting our business in the most sound, environmentally conscious way possible.

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